The Dungeon screen.

The Dungeon is the underground portion of your Brothels, where girls - and misbehaving customers - are sent to receive punishment. The dungeon spans all your brothels, and has no size limit. By default, all Catacomb girls, and any other girls with high Rebelliousness, are sent here.


Girls and customers may both be imprisoned here for a variety of reasons. Customers are sent here by Scripted events, such as refusing to pay. Girls found in the Catacombs are sent here automatically, as are newly acquired girls with high Rebelliousness. Girls who try to escape, and are recaptured, are placed in the dungeon. Finally, you may choose to send girls into the dungeon at any time - though they may not go quietly.

Escaping the dungeonEdit

Certain actions within the Dungeon carry the risk of the girl escaping. This increases if said girl has a high rebel Stat (needs verifying). You have six turns in which to send guards to recapture the escapee, after which they are lost for good.

Gangs can be sent to recapture girls - and if assigned to guard, they may prevent escape in the first place. Girls can also be assigned to recapture runaways.


Most actions in the dungeon are only available for girls, customers may only be tortured.

Girl DetailsEdit

Takes you to the Girl Details screen.

===Stop Feeding / Allow Food


The selected Girl will be starved until her health drops below critical levels, or given food by the player. Increases the Girl's Hate and Fear towards the player.

===Brand as Slave


This option only appears on a free Girl; this significantly reduces their rebelliousness and allows the girl to be sold. However there is a chance that the Girl will attempt to escape. Having a Gang guard your brothel can help prevent this.

Sell SlaveEdit

This option automatically sells the selected slave. There is no confirmation window, be sure before selling your slaves. The price can be confirmed in Girl Details.


Torture can be preformed once every week, per captive by clicking the Torture button, or selecting it from the ‘interact with’ context menu. While this does carry a flight risk, it also does the following; decreases Health, increases Rebelliousness and it may have some other affects, for example:

  • Add trait: Masochist (If the girl has some BDSM experience, she may decide she likes the pain and humiliation)
  • Add trait: Broken Will (If the girl's Spirit is already low, she may lose her will entirely.)
  • Add trait: Mind Fucked (If the girl's Health is dangerously low, she may lose her mind as death comes that much nearer.)
  • Add trait: Small Scars
  • Add trait: Horrific Scars
  • Add trait: Cool Scars
  • Always adds 1% to Constitution

Interact with Edit

Similar to what you’ll find in both the Girl Management and Detail Screens, this allows you to interact with the selected Girl. While you can still ask questions and make requests, you can also force them.

If the Girl doesn't manage to escape then this will; increase the associated skill, PCFear, PCHate, Tiredness and obedience. While decreasing health, spirit and PC Love,


Release the currently selected captive from the dungeon. Girls will be sent to the currently active brothel or stay in the dungeon if there is no room for them. Customers are thrown out onto the street.

Release all GirlsEdit

Release all girls held in the dungeon. All girls are sent to the currently active brothel or stay in the dungeon if there is no room for them.

Release all CustomersEdit

Releases all held customers back onto the street.