Girls may have or own various items, which may be either given to them as a gift from you or bought by themselves with the money they earned. The player may also buy items for herself, however, they have no effect on her, in essence, the players' inventory acts as storage. Most items are available in the Shop, but there exist unique and rare ones, which may only be acquired by sending girls into the Catacombs. Some are single use (e.g. cures for diseases and addictions, food, etc...), others have constant effects, as long as they are in the girls' inventory or worn by them, a typical example would be items of clothing and armor.

Item typesEdit

Girls prefer items based on their personality (i.e. tough girl or pretty girl), they will automatically wear these items based on their value meaning girls base the value of a item on its cost, the more expensive the item the nicer the item is considered.

Dresses and necklaces are bought by girls who have a nature towards making themselves look pretty, armour and weapons are mostly bought by girls who are tough and like to fight.

Food and makeup will automatically be used by the girls. When used they will apply their effects and then disappear. Misc items on the other hand will remain and apply effects for so long as they are in the inventory.

Girls will automatically use up to 3 food/makeup items each turn, they will also sell old unequipped items of the other types.

List of item typesEdit


  • Max. 8 equipped
  • Constant effect

Clothing and armor

  • Max. 1 equipped
  • Constant effect


  • Max. 1 equipped
  • Constant effect


  • Max. 1 equipped
  • Constant effect


  • Max. 2 equipped
  • Constant effect


  • Max. 2 equipped
  • Constant effect

Sinlge-use items (oils, salves, food, makeup, etc...)

  • Non-equippable, unlimited owned
  • Single-use

Misc items

  • Non-equippable, unlimited owned
  • Constant effect

Item rarityEdit

Items appear in the shop or as the result of catacomb exploration based on their rarity. This also affects each items' price. An items' rating is marked by the color of its name and although these colors may be changed in the configuration file, the default color codes are listed here.

List of rarity color codesEdit

  • Common
  • Fairly common - Appears in shop, 50% chance
  • Rare - Appears in shop, 25% chance
  • Very Rare - Appears in shop, 5% chance
  • Unique - Appears in catacombs, 15% chance
  • Unique - Only given by scripts
  • Special - Given by scripts or as objective rewards

Item priceEdit

Items are priced based on their rarity and the power of their effects. In turn, an item's value determines its usefulness and the its percieved value for the recipient.

Item effectsEdit

All items have one or usually more effects. In most cases, this will be a positive or negative change in a stat or skill, but some items also give or take traits. Based on the item's type, its effects will be one-time temporary(e.g. Food, Makeup), one-time permanent (e.g. Oil of Lesser Scar Removal) or constant (e.g. Clothing, Weapons).

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