Gangs are your primary source of manpower. They are required, if you want to advance beyond a single Brothel, and your Home. You can have up to eight on payroll.

Gang attributesEdit

All gangs have ratings in the following attributes:

  • Men - Acts as HP.
  • Combat - Used in fights and many other things. It is used to intimidate, as well as net girls and beasts.
  • Magic - Used mainly in fights, magic adds extra damage.
  • Intelligence - Mainly used to find things. Also used to reason with business owners when trying to gain territories.
  • Agility - Provides defence against incoming attacks.
  • Toughness - Reduces the damage received.
  • Charisma - Used outside of combat, helps gain territories and convince girls to work for you.
  • Strength - Used in fights, it sets base damage, and is used to determine how much they can bring home from the Catacombs.

Items Edit

Weapons - Weapon Level, times Strength/10, is how much damage the gang does in battle.

Nets - Each net greatly enhances the chance to capture a girl or beast. They are one-use items.

Healing Potions - Heals 30 damage each. Very useful for keeping your gangs from getting wiped out in the Catacombs.

Gang managementEdit


The Gang Management screen.

The gangs' actions are controlled entirely from the "Gang management" screen[1]. At the top you have a list of gangs currently working for you. Below them, at the centre you see the gangs available for hire. Gangs with a low number or men are highlighted in red. You can move a gang between the two tables with the hire and fire buttons. To give a mission to one of your gangs, just select it and choose a mission from the list on the right side of the screen.


By default, gangs you hire will be placed on guard duty or, if their numbers are low, recruitment. Afterwards you can give it any of the available missions, which they will continue to carry out until they receive new orders or their numbers dwindle. Mission results will be displayed in the Turn summary at the end of each week. If a gang suffers losses severe enough to reduce their numbers below 50%, they will automatically try to Recruit members. When a gang's numbers reach the maximum, they are placed on Guard duty, until receiving further orders. All missions have a weekly cost.


The gang will patrol your territories and defend against aggressors from opposing organisations. There seems to be no point to having more than one gang at a time set to Guarding. Intelligence affects handling of attacking customers to just scare/beat them instead of killing which saves your Disposition and Suspicion.


The gang will try to attack a rival's assets. If a rivals assets are found, the gang must defeat any defending gangs or retreat. If your gang wins the combat, it will loot your enemy: destroy territories, destroy brothels and steal gold. The amount of damage caused by the attack is related to the gang's intelligence rating.

Spy on girlsEdit

Allows you to know the amount of gold your girls own. The gang will also try to catch girls hiding their real income. Success is calculated by the number of men in your gang and their Intelligence rating opposed to each girls' Intelligence. This can help to stop customers from raping your girls.


They will try to recapture girls that escaped less than 6 weeks ago. For this, they will use nets, this never fails. If they have no nets, they will have to combat her. If no girls have escaped, they will instead try to find new girls for you.

Acquire territoryEdit

The gang will try to conquer new territories for you.

Territories are important: you get 10 gold / week from each business or, if an owner cannot pay, you have the option of kidnapping the female members of his family. You also need a certain amount of territories before purchasing each Location. To find out how many of them you need, click on the icons representing the Location in the Visit Town screen.

If there are neutral territories left, you can get up to five of them on each mission. If there are no neutral territories left, the gang will have to fight the rival gang defending it, and can only take three at once.

Petty TheftEdit

The gang will try to rob bystanders. Depending on the victims they can steal up to 800 gold / week. They are likely to take some losses in this mission but you can prevent this by providing them with healing potions. They will sometimes bump into a rival gang and will have to fight them instead of carying out the mission.

Grand TheftEdit

The gang will attempt to rob a bank or similar establishment. The mission is like the Petty theft mission but it's more risky and can pay up to 5000 gold.


The gang will try to capture girls for your brothel. If they find a suitable candidate, they will first try to persuade her to join by using their Charisma. If that fails, they will try to kidnap the girl with nets or subdue her in combat.


The gang explores the catacombs. They use their combat characteristic to avoid being wounded by monsters. If they take damages, they will prevent death with healing potions. Plundering the catacombs may yield gold, items or monster girls.


The gang will try to increase one or more of its attributes. The gang will also add one member while training if they are below 15. When a stat is above 70%, it grows much more slowly.


The gang will recruit 0-8 members each week until their numbers reach 15, after which they are placed on guard duty. If they recruit more than they can take in, they send the rest to another gang on Recruiting, Training, Spying, or Guarding, in that order. If they are already full at the start of the turn, they will Train instead.


Gangs use their Combat and Magic to attack and their Agility to dodge attacks, while Toughness and Healing potions (if available) reduce any damage received. Once half of its members are dead, a gang will try to flee but there's a chance that no-one will escape. Survivors on both sides get their Combat skill improved.

Combat with girlsEdit

When a gang finds an escaped girl, she will consider her chances by her Health, Combat and Magic characteristics but also her Rebelliousness then she will either fight or surrender. If she fights, the rules of combat are the same as when two gangs fight.