Statistics are the basic attributes of the girls in your Brothels.

List of statisticsEdit


Self explanatory, doesn't have effect on game play.


Level of experience. The higher it is the more skilled the girl is (and the more money they can make). Depending on the version, the highest value for this can be 20, 255 or unlimited.


Experience is gained constantly through work or certain items (e.g. Nut of Knowledge When it reaches 255 it will increase the girl's level.


This stat is derived from Health, Tiredness, Spirit, Confidence, Hate, Love, Fear and Obediance. It decides whether a girl will obey you or not.


Self explanatory, it is how happy a girl is. Happy girls are more obedient and will pass their happiness onto customers.


How much pain and physical strain the body can withstand. The higher it is, the less tired girls get.


How healthy she is. If it reaches 0 she dies.


Value ranges from 0 - 100, the higher it is the sleepier the girl is, the more unhappy she is and the sloppier her work. At 100 a girl will also start to lose Health from sleep deprivation.


How much a girl will ask for from a customer. Changes per customer based on her intelligence vs customers. This can go up to a maximum of 70.


This represents inner beauty, poise and charm, and as such, it's something that can change as girls learn and improve themselves. The higher a girl's Charisma the more they can charge for services, and it will also attract more customers. It is also a component of "Looks", along with Beauty.


Inherent physical beauty, a component of "Looks" (combined with Charisma), this stat is unlikely to change. A girl's looks can increase though Charisma but are limited by beauty.


How much the girl enjoys sexual acts. A high Libido will increase the girl's happiness after sex.


It shows the amount of magical energy the girl has. It's used for casting magic in either combat or during sex, and it constantly replenishes.


How smart a girl is. Smart girls know how to get a little more money from customers, they also make better decisions.


How much a girl believes in herself.


How much the girl will listen to your orders.


How strongly she believes in her convictions. High spirit will increase disobedience with certain things she doesn't enjoy.


Agile girls make customers happier.


Famous girls attract more customers to the brothel.


Percentage of money the player keeps. Slave girls default to 100% (all revenue goes to the house) and other girls 60%.


How much they fear the player.It will increase obedience only when it is greater than hate.


How much they love (have feelings for) the player. It will increase obedience.


How much they despise the player. It will decrease obedience only when it is greater than fear.