The Girl Details screen.

Girls are your primary way of earning money. They come in a great variety of ages, skills and species.

Girls of CrossgateEdit

Girls in Crossgate fall into two basic categories, free and enslaved. Not all girls are suitable for every job, some might be better at guarding other girls or enticing customers to visit your establishments, while others might prefer pleasuring the customers or tending to the needs of the beasts in your kennels. How effective a girl is at a certain task is determined by her traits and skills as well as their level rating. Most girls have a mind of their own, and wil refuse to do certain jobs or even attempt to escape.

Free GirlsEdit

These are girls that have not been branded as slaves. Such girls joining you will be sent to your current brothel if their rebellion stat is low enough and there is room for her there or to your dungeon if the brothel is full or their rebellion too high.

  • Default House cut: 60%
  • Acquired from: Walk Around Town, Exploring the Catacombs, Kidnapping
  • Jobs: Any.


Free girls in the dungeon can be branded as slaves, which reduces their rebelliousness but also lowers their happiness. If they resist branding they might escape or if they are subdued, they will lose a rather large portion of their health.


These are girls that are branded as slaves. All of their earnings go to you, and any children they have belong to you - females get sent to your dungeon when they are of age, while males and monsters get sold. Any girls you receive in lieu of payment from deadbeat customers or buy from the Slave Market are branded as slaves by default.

Slaves cannot perform certain jobs and are quciker to become unhappy, however their obedience and rebelliousness are significantly lower.

  • Default House cut: 100%
  • Acquired from: Slave Market, Payment in lieu of Debts, Daughter of an owned slave
  • Jobs: Any except Torturer and Matron


Slaves can be freed from the Girls Details screen under Manage Girls. This will give them a significant one time boost to their happiness rating and the house percentage will automatically be adjsuted to the default 60%. Freed slaves can later be branded again.


Stats are the basic attributes of each Girl. These define the way a Girl behaves, how attracitve and effective they are, how good they are in combat, among other things.

For the detailed effects of each stat, see Girl statistics.


Skills show how experienced a girl is in a certain (sexual) act, as well as their combat and magical prowess. The chief difference to traits is that skills imporve with time and experience or through training. A higher skill will improve customer happiness and subsequently earn you more gold when that act is performed.

List of SkillsEdit

  • Magic ability
  • Combat ability
  • Anal sex
  • BDSM sex
  • Normal sex
  • Beastiality sex
  • Group sex
  • Lesbian sex
  • Oral sex
  • Titty sex
  • Service skill
  • Stripping sex


Traits are the unique characteristics of a girl. They can have a positive or negative effect on a girls stats and skills, or they may simply indicate a certain condition or state the girl is in.

For a detailed description, see List of Traits.