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List and description of traits on the Girl Details screen.

Traits may represent special talents, exceptional mental and physical attributes as well as health related issues that girls in your brothels may possess. Almost all of them can be altered - gained and lost - through the use of items or as a result of events during the course of the game.

List of traitsEdit

  • Big Boobs - Wow! This girl really has knockers. (+looks)
  • Small Scars - This poor girl has small scars. (-looks)
  • Cool Scars - This girl has some scars that look kinda cool and dangerous.
  • Horrific Scars - The poor girl has some horrid scars on her body. (-looks)
  • Cool Person - This person is just cool to be with. (+looks)
  • Nerd - Bookish and clumsy but kinda cute all the same. (+brains)
  • Clumsy - This girl often makes mistakes. Maybe she will learn in time.
  • Fast orgasms - This girl cums faster then a dragon in heat. She always leaves men feeling good about themselves and enjoys herself to boot. (+sex skills)
  • Slow orgasms - The poor girl just can't get herself off. Guys feel like they are just doing the rounds with her (negated by the fast orgasms trait). (-sex skills)
  • Quick Learner - This girl picks things up quick. She will probably rise to the top in no time. (+exp)
  • Slow Learner - A little daft, this girl will take awhile to learn things. (-exp)
  • Cute - This girl is just very cute.
  • Strong - This girl can fight well and is tough. (+combat skills/stats)
  • Psychic - This girl always seems to know what a guy wants. (+magic skills/stats)
  • Strong Magic - This girl has strong power within her. Be careful you don't give her too much trouble. (+magic skills/stats)
  • Shroud Addict - A girl additced to the gas emmited from the rare Shroud Mushroom. (drug) (+happiness) (-looks)
  • Fairy Dust Addict - This girl is addicted to the mellow fairy dust. (drug) (+happiness) (-looks)
  • Viras Blood Addict - This girl is additced to the blood of the sex crazed plant Viras. (drug) (+happiness) (-looks)
  • Aggressive - This girl is alot more angry at things then others. (may attack customers)
  • Not Human - This girl is not human, which may appeal to some customers.
  • Adventurer - This girl loves adventure (+combat skills/stats)
  • Assassin - This girl has had training to kill, just name a price. (+combat skills/stats)
  • Lolita - This girl looks very young and is sexually flirtatious.
  • Nervous - Shy and afraid to speak or mind sometimes.
  • Good Kisser - This girl can kiss unlike most other girls. A true master kisser. (+sex ability)
  • Nymphomaniac - This girl loves the sex, but will have to learn to let the guy have his moment. (+libedo)
  • Elegant - She's got style and flair (+looks)
  • Fake orgasm expert - If the guy isn't satisfying her she can make him think he is. Not as good as the real thing, but most guys can't notice. Negates slow orgasms. (+sex ability)
  • Sexy Air - Something about this girl is just so sexy, everything she does is hot. (+customer attraction)
  • Great Figure - This girl has a really good figure.
  • Great Arse - She has a really nice arse.
  • Small Boobs - Her boobs may be small, but some customers like that.
  • AIDS - She has aids, rare magical cures exist but you may as well accept she will probably die. (disease)
  • Chlamydia - This nasty disease will cause pain for both her and the customers during urination. (disease)
  • Syphilis - This disease can cause death if left untreated. While untreated sores will appear on parts of her body and eventually worse symptoms will appear. (disease)
  • Broken Will - This girls' will is broken and she is completely obedient. Sometimes added after Torture/Force Interactions in the Dungeon. (+obedience)(-spirit)
  • Masochist - She gets sexual gratification from pain, deprivation, degradation, etc. Sometimes added after Torture in the Dungeon. (+BDSM)(+constitution)
  • Sadistic - Enjoys inflicting or watching pain inflicted. She becomes tired and unhappy slower when assigned to the Torturer job. (+BDSM)
  • Lesbian - This girl considers herself a lesbian (+lesbian)
  • Tsundere - A person with a conceited, irritable, and/or violent personality that suddenly becomes modest and loving when triggered by some sort of cause. (may attack customers)
  • Yandere - Expect this girl to be hurting people on the job. Alot. (may attack customers)
  • Meek - She has a low rebelliousness. Sometimes added after Force Interactions in the Dungeon.(+OBEDIENCE)
  • Manly - Higher resistance to damage, higher rebelliousness, higher starting combat skill, can pass off as a man. Lowers her initial Looks. (-looks)
  • Merciless - Causes higher damage. Even with rebelliousness at a lower level, she will still take out (if not outright murder) anyone causing harm to her. Expect goons to die often, and expect her to take a long time to break. (will more likely disobey)
  • Fearless - Fear has no effect. (will more likely defend herself)
  • Iron Will - Do not expect rebelliousness to reduce itself in the near future, if ever. Broken Will will remove this trait. (hard to break)
  • Twisted - Her thought of pleasure is not... ordinary. Customers need to have a rather exotic taste or they won't enjoy what she has in store.
  • Optimist - She is very cheerful and she is rarely in a bad mood. High happiness regeneration. She enjoys what she does, alot. (+happiness)
  • Pessimist - All it takes is one thing to send her mood down to the pits of the abyss. Low happiness regeneration. Less rebellious. If happiness is low enough, expect her to be killing herself in the near future. (-happiness)
  • Dependant - This girl is rather dependent on other people for survival. Low rebelliousness. Will not strike out on her own. (+obedience)
  • Sterile - This girl has lost the ability to give birth. (can't get pregnant)
  • Fleet of Foot - This girl is quick on her feet. (+sex ability) (+combat ability)
  • Tough - This girl is tough, she can take alot of punishment. (hard to hurt)
  • One Eye - This girl has lost an eye somewhere along the way. (-looks)
  • Eye Patch - This girl has lost an eye, but wheres a patch over it making her look dangerous and cool. (-looks)
  • Futanari - This girl is a hermaphrodite, possibly due to magic or maybe just born that way. Only a few guys will sleep with her.
  • Construct - This girl is not alive or real, as she is a machine or has been created with magic. Her health doesn't go down or up easy. (hard to hurt)
  • Half-Construct - This girl has lost a limb, and has a machine or magically animated replacement one. (hard to hurt)
  • Fragile - This girl is fragile and gets hurt or tired easy. (easy to hurt)
  • Mind Fucked - This girl is gone in the head. She will be compliant with anything. Added after a LOT of Force Interactions in the Dungeon. (+obedience)
  • Charismatic - Increased Charisma. She is a natural born leader, negotiator, diplomat, and fast talker. Damn, she's smooth. (+looks)
  • Charming - This girl has a lot of natural appealing wit on her side, in a non-sexual sort of way. Higher Charisma, and Natural Looks. (+looks)
  • Long Legs - The legs on this girl go all the way to heaven.
  • Puffy Nipples - Her nipples are puffy.
  • Perky Nipples - She has perky nipples.
  • Different Colored Eyes - Her eyes are different colors
  • Strange Eyes - Her eyes are unusual in some way.
  • Incorporial - This girl never gets tired or loses health. (can't get tired or hurt)
  • MILF - This woman has had children before.
  • Cat Girl - This girl is part feline
  • Demon - This girl comes from the abyss.
  • Abnormally Large Boobs - My god these things are like miniture moons...
  • Your Daughter - This girl is a child of your loins. Doesn't seem to make her any more reluctant to have sex with you.
  • Incest - This is a child of incest. Doesn't seem to have an effect.
  • Malformed - This girl is deformed.
  • Retarded - This girl is mentaly retarded.

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