Town Screen

The Town of Crossgate

All the events of Whoremaker take place in the town of Crossgate in the realm of Mundiga. You can reach the town map from the main screen by clicking the Visit Town button.

The Town screenEdit

This is the interactive map of Crossgate, where you can take advantage of the different venues the town has to offer. You can also take a walk around town, which might yield encounters allowing you to recruit new girls.


Brothels are noted on the map by a red icon representing a reclining woman.


The bank is located at the top right, and is shown as a piles of money in front of two sacks.

Mayor's officeEdit

The town hall is at the top center, represented as a greek style columned entrance. Here you can set Bribery rates and attempt to keep the police from raiding your brothels. (Seems to become irrelevant after a while.)


The prison is on the furthest on the right, shown as a barred gate. If the police arrest any of your girls, you can bail them out here.


The shop icon is a paper shopping bag, at the center right of the map. Here you can access the Item management screen, where you can equip your girls with various items. (You can also do this from the girl details screen under manage girls.)

Slave marketEdit

Shown as a black iron ball and chain at the center of the map screen. Here you can buy slaves, both generic and otherwise, though it seems that after a certain amount of time only generics will be available.